Why I Love Farmers Markets!

By Marcie - March 3rd, 2019 in Tips, vegan life

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is a very happy Sunday for me because I got to visit a farmers market!

I love scoping out all of the local and homegrown items. Before I did a lot of my own gardening I used to try and get all my week’s shopping of my fruit and veggies from local businesses. Not to mention they are usually at a lower price. This also allows you to pick seasonally and get the freshest items during whatever time of year you shop! Eating seasonally ensures that the food you buy didn’t have to be grown in greenhouses (which takes more energy than outdoor farms) or had to be transported over long distances. It is always good to try find out which food’s are in season in your area and try stick to those.

There are so many choices of delicious greens, organic fruits and veggies at farmers markets. You can speak to the food producers directly, and find your favorite stalls and prices. Then you can also check out all venders who can or pickle. This last visit I found this lady who created a company called Gunnar & Jake’s Gourmet Foods, LLC. This company has a beautiful story. I highly suggest you check it out here (https://gunnar-jakes-llc.myshopify.com/).

When it comes down to it the main reason I love checking out local farmers markets is because of the inspiration. A quick sprint down the aisle of your local farmers market can yield such inspiration to fire up your cooking all week long. So many ideas go on in my head thinking of what I can cook with certain items. Is like a kid in a candy store!

So I encourage all of you to look for local farmers markets and check them out! Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy!



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