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By Marcie - March 21st, 2019 in Uncategorized

The most common snacks to pack when you are on the go, whether it’s flying across the country, taking your kids to a game, or simply running some errands across town, are fresh fruit, any type of nut like almonds or walnuts. But what to do when you want to switch it up every now and then. Fruit and nuts can get a little boring sometimes. Well, thankfully with more people now choosing a vegan lifestyle than ever before, there are more vegan snack options in the market then just fruit and nuts. The prime example of this being vegan jerky!

At Portland’s Food Fight grocery store I had the chance to purchase a variety of vegan goods including a variety of different jerky brands and flavors to try.

  1. Mushroom Jerky: Salt & Pepper flavor

This jerky could almost be it’s own category. Since this jerky is made of mushroom as oppose to soy protein like the rest, it has a completely different texture and flavor from the rest of the group. Dark in color with a light texture and a flavor that matches the main ingredient-mushroom.

  1. Noble Jerky: Teriyaki flavor

By far the tastiest of the bunch! This ginger and garlic marinated and seasoned teriyaki flavor has the right amount of sweetness and the perfect amount of texture. It’s everything you would want jerky to be. Containing just a few ingredients with plenty of protein. This was the star of the bunch.

  1. Roasted Vegan Jerky: BBQ flavor

True to real Jerky form, this vegan jerky has all the qualities that make jerky-well jerky. Perhaps not the prettiest in the bunch, this jerky is flat and compact and looks very dry in texture. Out of all the ones I tried this one was the closest in appearance to true jerky. The soy protein was packaged in large pieces that could be pulled apart into smaller pieces with a small amount of force and the BBQ flavor on the jerky was delicious.

  1. Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. – Paulette’s Maple Bacon

The final vegan jerky I tried was Louisville’s maple bacon flavored jerky. This home-cooked breakfast inspired flavor use high quality maple syrup, gluten-free and cholesterol free, and comes with 7 grams of protein per serving at 80 calories. The texture of this jerky was the chewiest of the bunch and definitely had the most body, whereas the rest were more flat.

Jerky is great because it’s extremely portable, has a good amount of protein, and not something you have to prep or sort out when you’re in a hurry. So next time you are grocery shopping with your family remember to have fun exploring and tasting different vegan snack options you find and maybe you might just spot some vegan jerky options too!


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