Ultimate VEGAN Cheese Board

By Marcie - March 17th, 2019 in Tips, vegan food review, vegan life

Food should be nourishing and delicious. It sounds simple, right? While it might seem an oxymoron to build a ‘cheese’ board without any actual dairy in sight, vegan cheeses have made strides over the last few years and deserve to be shown off. My best friend Amber is the person who brought these amazing vegan cheese to my attention. She is also the one who created this beautiful “cheese” board I am sharing with you today!

Most health food stores will have a large refrigerated section in their produce area that features vegetarian and vegan products. There, you should be able to find several options for your vegan cheese boards. Choose cheeses that are made for eating as-is, avoid any non-dairy products that tout phrases like ‘melts easily’ or ‘really stretches’, since those will be made specifically for warm dishes like pasta or pizza.

In this particular cheese board we had four different kind of vegan cheeses. We add some strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and apples. Then added some fresh mint and nutty crackers. To top it off we had yummy spreads and candied nuts.


Now with all of this amazing goodness and to top off the perfect vegan cheese platter we opened a bottle of non- alcoholic wine!

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