Tocaya Organica

By Marcie - March 10th, 2019 in vegan food review

Tocaya Organica needs to be on your list of places to eat! Before I even sat down I knew I would be returning. They are known for their take on modern organic Mexican cuisine. The menu consists of beverages, tacos, salads, bowls, Keto bowls (seasonal), and burritos. They were originally founded in Venice, CA in 2016 with a mission to inspire better eating. Amen to that! I would like to point out that this is not an entire vegan restaurant but everything can be made vegan.  Tocaya caters to a variety of dietary preferences including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free… And the best part is that they use locally-sources organic ingredients.


There are currently 12 restaurants open and two on the way. You can find the list of locations here:

When you first walk into any Tocaya you will instantly get a beach city vibe. Looking at the designs and features inside each of the different locations is reason enough to visit. Then looking at the menu you can see the overwhelming menu. Not because it is a huge menu but because of the quality of food that is on the menu. The menu is full of hearty and delicious meals. To see the list of of amazing food check out there menu here: If you’re feeling extra indulgent, they also have a lineup of desserts made with vegan ice cream, like the Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich for which  vegan vanilla ice cream is stuffed between two churro waffles and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Overall, This is a wonderful place where you can bring your family and friends or just escape and have a self care day! If you guys have experienced Tocaya Organica let us know and leave a comment!



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