Believe It Or Not
Vegan Food for the Modern Life

The ValMar Health cookbook is designed to be a transitional cookbook. We want to encourage the lay person living on the standard American diet to transition into eating a vegetarian/vegan diet. This cookbook will consist of 93 flavorful and inspiring vegan recipes. Sign up today to be the first to know when it becomes available!

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Scrambled Tofu

1 pound of Extra Firm Tofu
1 Tomato
6 Mushrooms

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Fabulous Farro

1 Jar Artichoke Hearts
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Cup Edamame

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Pesto Gnocchi

3 Cups Basil
1/3 Cup Pine Nuts
2- 4 Garlic Cloves

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Banana Cream Pie

½ Cup Cashews
12 Dates
4 Bananas

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