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In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.”

                                                                                                         – Dalai Lama

Positivity does not create itself; you have to create it and nurture it. This means positivity in every aspect of your life.

When you are positive that you are good enough, you then become good enough. That seems oversimplified, but in reality – confidence is simple.

It doesn’t appear simple because it feels difficult. It feels difficult because your low self-esteem is rooted in negative beliefs about yourself.

Becoming more confident is simply a matter of shifting your perspective and finding the positivity in each of your limitations.

When you find that positivity, you will see opportunities in front of you that you never saw before.

Confidence opens your eyes and gives you the courage to take action.


Here are my tips on becoming a more confident person:

Know Yourself:

You must fully know yourself if you want to have any chance at being confident. Take note on how you feel and what you think.

Do you think happy thoughts? Really analyze yourself so you know where you can start.


Delete Negative:

Negativity seems to be all around. Every time you open your eyes there is something that we can be negative about.

However, by recognizing this is the first steps to reverse it. When you see something negative think of a way to make it a positive.


Fake it Till’ You Make It!

I truly believe that the exterior is a window to the interior. When you look good you most likely will feel good. Get a couple of new outfit. Change up your hair style. D

o what makes YOU feel good about the way you look. I find that this is the number one reason people do not feel confident.

They do not like the way they look.

So I tell them.. Do something about it! It does not have to be massive changes or extreme make overs but little things to make you feel better will help you become more confident.


Be Kind and Generous:

You are probably thinking, “I am already kind and generous to others.” But this is not the point I want to make. I want you to be kind and generous to yourself.

We are usually our hardest critics. We put ourselves down. All I can say is STOP! This goes back to knowing yourself.

Talk about the positives of your life. It will make the world of difference.



By trying to work on these tips, I promise that over time you will become the confident person that you want to be!

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