5 Favorite Things Party!

By Marcie - December 10th, 2018 in Tips

Do you ever throw parties just for the food? I do!

My favorite part about throwing a party is my friends and family that celebrate with me. My second favorite part is the vegan food! More food that you could ever imagine! When the chef asked me how many people would be attending the party I secretly added five people so we would have extra food. I know… I have a problem!

This particular party was called 5 Favorite Things. Have you heard of this epic party? Apparently it’s a thing!

How to Play:

You come with 5 of your favorite items and you will leave with 5 new items that the other party guests brought!

Each person brings 5 items (these items are the same) with a $1 to $20 limit per item. If you for instance absolutely love your vegetable wash, you may want to bring 5 bottles of vegetable wash. Another person may love scarves, so she will bring 5 scarves, they could be all identical or could be 5 different patterns.

During the party we eat, exchange gifts and learn about our 5 favorite things. Then, during the year you get to use all of your friends favorite things. You need to have a 5 Favorite Things party! It’s so much FUN!

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