My husband and I have totally transformed our lives within a matter of months. The changes I have seen in my family make me want to share what I have done in my life to help inspire people everywhere! I hope to give back by sharing my knowledge, my setbacks and my successes. Ill be posting photos of my journey to show you how easy it is to start incorporating healthy habits into your everyday life. I want women, mothers, grandmothers, fathers and children to see that you can have a dream life if you put in the effort, are consistent and make health a priority in your life! I don’t want people to give up on health because they are so distracted by life’s busyness. The truth is, you deserve to live the life you were born to live! God has a big plan for you! I want to teach you how to use food as fuel and ride your life of unnecessary distractions. This way we can all become a stronger, healthier, happier version of ourselves! – Marcie